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Share in the growth created by the MongoliaCoin platform.

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Supporting high growth potential through the platform.

risk rating

Blockchain driven risk management, resulting in improved returns.


Buiding transparency with trust through the use smart contracts and effective risk management.


Opt-in voting function for coin holders to share in business support selection.

What is MongoliaCoin?


Coin and Platform Growth

MongoliaCoin is destined to become a highly profitable platform for investors who would like to benefit from Mongolian business growth, and other neighbouring developing communities, and enabling beneficial change through the use of Intelligent Smart Contracts that manage risk by enforcing transparency with trust.

Coin holders will benefit from growth of the platform they help create. Platform users will benefit by getting the support they require to grow their business. The resulting partnership will benefit both parties through significant and sustainable growth.

We bring support to high growth opportunities in an emerging market economy

MGL will provide the platform for high growth support using intelligent Smart Contracts, funding and export growth along with a wide array of services that will help businesses to grow more quickly and sustainably whilst growing coin value.

The MongoliaCoin platform will enable coin holders to monitor coin and platform growth, engage in optional voting for risk selected opportunities and ultimately trade on the integrated exchange. Busineses  customers will be able access support after purchasing an agreed amount of MGL.

Benefit from high growth opportunities

Emerging economies consistently demonstrate high yield growth when supported in the right way.


billion USD — coin revenue by 2020


million potential clients worldwide


average funding cost in Mongolia

1 MGL token price


Coins to be sold during ICO



Market intelligence gathering
September 2017
Website launch and whitepaper creation Helping the world to understand MongoliaCoin
January 2018
MGL Pre sale begins Get a great offer by offering your early support.
March 2018
Launch full ICO Sale of the remaining available MGL coins
April 2018
MGL exchange listing target We will seek for MGL to be listed on the main exchanges, making it easy to trade.
Marketing campaign and roadshow launch Building further awareness of the MongoliaCoin platform
May 2018
Business customer milestone A target date for the number of businesses using the platform, keeping us accountable to coin holder expectations.
December 2018
Popular features added to platform Features as voted for by eligible coin holders are added to the platform.
January 2019
Annual review with case study production A review of the first year for MGL
April 2019

Meet Some of the Team

Our Advisors

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    PCMI Limited

    PCMI have decades of experience providing consultancy...

    PCMI Limited

    PCMI have decades of experience providing consultancy and support services. They provide a range of skilled...

Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Pre-sale Start: March 15, 2018, Thursday, 9:00 AM (GMT)
Soft cap: $20m
Hard cap: $58m
Token: MGL
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 800 MGL
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

MGL Token Contract Address

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How MGL will be used

Coin holders and users will access all the services from a single platform. Blockchain technology provides the opportunity to establish smart contracts, manage risk and generate growth, reulsting in a rapid increase in platform value.

All quoted figures are approximate and subject to change.

  • 67% Platform focused
  • 20% Marketing and Legal
  • 10% Founders, Team and Advisors
  • 3% "Bounty" campaign