Whitepaper summary

Mongolia, together with the crypto market are catalysts for growth. Profits from cryptocoin assets are significant with ROI opportunity for the risk aware at a rate not available elsewhere. Coupled with this, we find Mongolia to be an emerging market that will benefit from the rigour that crypto contracts can instil and generate progressive ROI on projects. Our ICO brings a unique amalgamation of the two.


Far from being just a new coin or interesting technology, MongoliaCoin seeks to bring about tangible change in the marketplace, helping business entrepreneurs fulfil their potential and crypto investors to share in ROI from both coin and underlying platform appreciation.


MongoliaCoin seeks to solve a number of existing issues and this create huge opportunity for all involved:

    • Mongolia is a land of opportunity with companies controlling significant natural assets, export opportunities and human capital. However the financial rigor is often lacking thus making it very difficult to gain support to grow. Where such is available, it is not at commercially viable rates due to a high risk premium. As a result, businesses with sound underlying growth opportunities are currently severely restricted.
    • Many export opportunities are missed due to a lack of strategic vision. Businesses could grow at significant rates with the benefit of guidance supporting investment. They are also missed due to an inability to put together import/export contracts effectively.
    • A lack of trust exists due to historical lack of transparency. The lack of trust has resulted in businesses going it alone rather than partnering and growing.
    • Funding from investment banks has significant benefits for their shareholders but decisions are made by a few individuals rather than a true collaboration between shareholders and businesses who would benefit from support.
    • Speed of decision making is slow due to the lack of understanding as to what is needed to generate and maintain growth.
  • There is also a lack of an established platform for cryptocurrency that is robust, reliable and scalable and that can accept initial fiat conversion rather than solely cryptocoins.


All of the above have thus presented barriers to growth and restricted the opportunity to benefit from a share in the rewards of growth from those not currently acutely aware of the country and its operation.


MongoliaCoin presents a solution to these problems. The coin provides an opportunity for investors to have a share in generating change, and sharing in the results through:

  • Establishing a platform for Mongolian growth businesses that has a proportion of voting rights for coin holders, ensuring the best ideas get the much needed support they need.
  • Using intelligent Smart Contracts to enforce transparency with trust for all who benefit from the MongoliaCoin platform and continuing to hold them to account
  • Far from being a speculative coin that can only create a return for the holder by appreciating in value as a result of rudimentary pump/dump cycles, MongoliaCoin will seek to grow the platform through ROI from Intelligent Smart Contracts that are established with businesses that benefit and continuing to increase demand for the coin by requiring business users to hold the coin through the life of their contract.
  • A platform with the capital base to gain partnering opportunities in neighbouring developing communities.
  • Social benefits of making a positive change through the use of blockchain technologies.
  • As growth is achieved through the Intelligent Smart contracts, the platform will seek to buy back coins from the marketplace with the target to reduce the total coins in circulation.
  • The platform will also have a second stage target of launching a Mongolia based exchange that will bring stability and functionality not currently available from existing exchanges


The mission of MongoliaCoin is to establish a highly profitable platform for investors who would like to benefit from Mongolian business growth, and other neighbouring developing communities, and enabling beneficial change through the use of Intelligent Smart Contracts that manage risk by enforcing transparency with trust.

This is designed to create growth for both businesses who benefit from the platform, using MongoliaCoin, and investors who help establish the platform.